Mil Pedaços (превод на енглески)

превод на енглескиенглески (poetic)

A Thousand Pieces

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I did not get lost
But nevertheless you abandoned me
You wanted to leave, and now I’m alone
But I will get used to
The silence at home, with only one plate on the table
I did not get lost
The sandalwood perfumes the axe that hurt it
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, my great love
And it doesn’t matter... Of all the things left
I keep a portrait of yours
And the most beautiful longing
I did not get lost
But nevertheless no one forgave me
Poor heart of mine - when yours was here with me it was so good
I don't know why it happens like this and it's not on purpose
What shouldn’t be: I'll run away from this pain
My love
If you want to come back - don't
For you broke me in a thousand pieces
This is a poetic translation - deviations from the meaning of the original are present (extra words, extra or omitted information, substituted concepts).
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Mil Pedaços

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