Mudžahedin Turski Sin (превод на енглески)


Mudžahedin Turski Sin

Mudžahedin je turski sin
Mudžahedin turski sin
bori se za Bosnu srcem svim
Mudžahedin turski sin
bori se za Bosnu, bori srcem svim
Mudžahedin klanja
Pet vakat namaza
Pet namaza a šesti dženneta
Mudžahedin posti
Mjesec Ramazana
Mjesec Ramazana
i dijeli kurbana
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превод на енглескиенглески
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Mujahideen Turkish son*

Mujahideen is Turkish son
Mujahideen Turkish son
Fights for Bosnia with his whole heart
Mujahideen Turkish son
FIghts for Bosnia, fights with his whole heart
Mujahideen bows
Does five daily prayers*
Five prayers and sixth for heaven
Mujahideen fasts during
The month of Ramadan*
The month of Ramadan
And shares his meal*
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*guerrilla fighters in Islamic countries, especially those who are fighting against non-Muslim forces.
*one of the Islam rules is to pray five times a day
*during the month of Ramadan Muslims don't consume food, drink, cigarettes, alcohol and don't practice sex from sunrise to sunset
*one of the five Islam rules is to share, so during the three day holiday people cook a ram and then share it with friends, family and the poor

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