MakSim - Na radiovolnax (На радиоволнах) (превод на енглески)

превод на енглески

On radiowaves

And only on the radio
All of your games...
And only on the radio
All of your games...
I'll never forget you
I'll withhold the phrase so simple, it makes me cry
With color of the lips
With thin hand's wave
With red i kiss the trail "good bye"
I'll draw the rain and the wind
Let them say, that in the whole world there ain't no
Grey eyes just like these, in my white lyrics
There's just not enough words for a farewell.
And only on radio frequencies
Hey, so many(how many - if there's actually a question in the song itself) stars in your hands
All your cards open
U're not worth my phrases at all
The leaves were burning just like that
Now u're my enemy forever
And only the frost on the cheek
U're not worth my tears at all
I won't ever forget u
A couple of words not in the rythm and in the blister
Covering with grey days
Will give everything for them
The one, who doesn't love the rain because of the fever.
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Na radiovolnax (На радиоволнах)

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