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How shall we separate

I've experienced so much things in my short life
You are the only memory of mine.
I could never get enough of you , I can never get ...
Even if I live a thousand years,
The day is you, the month is you
The years are already you.
How shall we separate from each other ?
I can't get enough of you, even if I live a thousand years.
Let me hold your hands in mine always
Please you send me to my final journey,
Get a red carnation of the darkest shade
Open curtains, let the sunshine in to my heart
Let my eyes stay in your eyes, please..
Sing to the darkness, sing our song.
I can't stand to see your tears.
Do the angels ever cry, baby?
Lean your head, just lean on my chest, please.. please.
Before our roads get separated, before our days are over
Before the fate tears us apart, embrace me, my only one !
Do not look at me so sad, you snowflake.
I cannot take you with me this time.
Don't cry, or my mind will get stuck on you
Bid farewell to me just like you say good night.
All the words are inadequate at this moment,
And there's actually a lot to say,
You only need to know that I love you..
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Nasıl ayrılacağız

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