Jacek Kaczmarski - Nasza klasa (превод на енглески)

превод на енглески

Our class

What has become of our class
Asks Adam in Tel-Aviv
Nowadays it's hard to keep one's head above water
Hard to even live an honest life -
What has become of our class?
Wojtek is in Sweden, in a porno club
He writes: they pay me well
For something I like anyway
Kaska and Piotrek are in Canada
They've better prospects there
Staszek is getting along in the US
Pawel has got used to Paris
Goska and Przemek are having a hard time
About to have the third brat in May
In vain they complain to officials
That they too want to go to the West
Magda instead is in Madrid
She's going to marry a Spaniard
Maciek lost his life in December
When they were visiting houses
Janusz, the one who used to incite envy
Being swept up by every wave
Is a surgeon, he treats people
But his brother hanged himself
Marek has been locked up
For refusing to shoot at Michal
I am writing down their story
That's just about everyone now
Then there's Filip - a physicist in Moscow
Collecting all sorts of awards
He goes back to Poland whenever he likes
And has been greeted by the Prime Minister
I've sought out the whole class
In exile, in the country, in a grave
But something has changed
Everyone is going about their own lives
I've sought out the whole class
All grown up and mature
I've scratched open our youth
But it didn't hurt too much...
No longer boys - but men
No longer girls - but women
Our youth will heal over soon
It's nobody's fault
All are responsible
All have got aims in life
All are rather normal
But it's still not that much
I don't know what dream I'm dreaming
Which star is shining upon me
When, among these familiar faces
I'm looking for the faces of children
Why I still glance over my shoulder
Even though no one calls out: friend!
Maybe someone willl play tag with me
Or at least hide and seek...
We grow our own sprouts,
Our own leaves, everyone for themselves
And roots, of course -
In exile, in the country, in graves
Down, sideways, up towards the Sun
Into waste, rightwards and leftwards
Who'll remember that in the end
It's still one and the same tree...
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Nasza klasa

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