Ne daj na se (превод на енглески)


Ne daj na se

Agrokomerc mila majka
ima hrane bez prestanka
i pilića i sokića
kruha para i cigara
Sitno obori
sitno kreni
Unski biser super štima
ratno ljetna to je šema
poslije boja baš ti živce
raspoloži jedno pivce
Saraj mala sitan vez
nisam ti ja ko Englez
Žemljo moja ne daj na se
ne daj na se već po da se
sini munjo udri grome
povedi nas do slobode
Protiv pravde ko ratuje
taj po guzi i fasuje
bit će magle bit če bježe
svi zemljaci ljuto reže
Iznad Bosne sunce sija
sunce sija ko tepsija
sve se puši
sve se praši
idu naši
bježe vaši
Boli glava glava boli
glava boli boli glava
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Don't Let Them Get To You

Agrokomerc*, sweet mother
There's food without stopping
Chicken and juice
Bread, money and cigarettes
Tiny overturn
Tiny go
The pearl of the Una river fits great
Summer of war, that's the scheme
After the colours one beer
Really calms you down
Little girl from Sarajevo, tiny embroidery
I'm not like an Englishman
My country, don't give up
Don't let them get to you but under you
Lighting and thunder, strike
Take us to freedom
Those who fight against justice
Those get spanked
There will be fog and there will be running away
All countrymen growl angrily
Above Bosnia the sun is shining
Sun is shining like a casserole
Everything is smoking
Everything is covered in dust
There go ours
Yours are running away
Head hurts, head hurts
Head hurts, head hurts
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*food company in Bosnia

Also, this is a song about the war in Bosnia. In case you're confused about the lyrics, they are indicating that people were running away from their country and that made people who stayed to fight quite angry. It also shows how people start to lose their mind during the war. If you want to know more about the Bosnian war, look here:

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