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起き抜けの朝 からになってた加湿器
朝から流れるオーディオの先の ねぐせを君にバカにされた
押し付けた肌 君のバンドの歌詞付きのデモCDを間抜けな顔で眺めていた
髪の毛のセットに手こずり イライラして君に当たった日
なかなか会えない日が続いて 電話越しに泣いてしまった日
それでもきみはわがままな私と 真剣に向き合い
心配かけないように そばに居てくれたね
あなたとの日々 あなたとの部屋
明日からは 元彼と過ごしたなんでもない日々
張り詰めた部屋 ひとつになった歯ブラシ
今日は何を見ようかな 朝まで続く映画の鑑賞会
2人で着れば半額ね 帰り道古着屋で買ったニット
そこまでお金がなくても そこそこ楽しくやれてたな
生活を彩る為の花を買い 思い返す為の詩を綴った
大好きな匂いが染み付いた あなたの服をまた着て泣いている
愛してると言うより あなたがいないとダメだった
笑いあったり ふざけあったり
背を向け眠ったり わがまま言ったり
傷つけあったり 慰めあった
あたためたい 抱きしめてほしい
引き止めたい 嫌いだなんて言わないで

Daily Routine

The humidifier that has been on since the morning of waking up
You made fun of me sleeping beyond the audio that started in the morning
I was looking at the CD with the lyrics of your band on my skin with a stupid face
The day I got frustrated and hit you when I had trouble setting my hair
The days when I couldn't see you for a long time continued, and the day I cried over the phone
Even so, you seriously face selfish me
You stayed by my side so that I wouldn't worry
Days with you, in your room with you
Even the precious slumber with you
From tomorrow I will spend time with my ex-boyfriend
Days of nothing, I wonder if I'll spend the night crying again today
A tense room, one toothbrush
Maybe the days when I can laugh from the bottom of my heart no longer exist
What should I watch today? A movie viewing party that lasts until morning
It's half the price if you two wear it together, the knit I bought at the second-hand store on the way home
Even if I didn't have that much money, I was having a good time
But without love everything disappears
I bought flowers to color my life and wrote a poem to remember
I'm crying while wearing your clothes that are soaked in the smell I love
Rather than saying I love you, I couldn't have done it without you
Everything in front of me was happy
Laughing and joking around
Turning my back to sleep and saying selfish things
Hurt and comforted each other
From that day on, it was a sad routine
I want to warm you, I want you to hold me
I don't want to break up with you if you want to
I want to stop you, don't say you don't like me
The words that spit out of your mouth now
I can't stand