Manel - Nit freda per ser abril (превод на енглески)

превод на енглески

Cold Night for April

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Maria and Marcel, side by side at a bar
They’re watching each other and taking sips of their respective beers
He’s dressed all in red
She’s filling in a crossword
Oh, Maria,
Oh, Marcel,
Who will go up and talk to the other?
Who will risk failure?
Who will jump without a net?
He wants to take her dancing
She wants to take him home
I would invite you to wine
I would be sweet, I would be friendly.
If you would to sit with me, what a pleasant moment!
We would shut the place down,
The night would be so long, and we’ld leave together from this strange city
And we’ld have nice strong kids and a house with a balcony.
Marcel extends his arm,
Maria smiles into the air.
But the time has slipped away and they can’t find the words.
Tomorrow, he’ll have the courage,
Tomorrow, she’ll be more beautiful.
It’s a cold night for April.
There’s no place like home. (x8)
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Nit freda per ser abril

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