Dino Merlin - Da šutiš (превод на енглески)

превод на енглески

To be quiet

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tell everyone I'm here
let them see, let them hear
what my body feels
like a new power/current
blind for my yearning
only tonight don't be like that
I know you can do much better
of course I know that
it's good in life when
you fight for something
you create with your hands
it's good in life when
you love someone, that loves you
it's good in life when
someone portends you, you portend them
but it's best in life when
you have someone with whom
you can be quiet like this
you can't cheat the calendar
my age (time period) and your body
they don't even go with your years
these crow's feet and white (grey) hair
close my eyes (lids)
with sealed lips in one
I long ago did not know where
loved ones go when they leave
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Da šutiš