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Five Feet Under текст

  • Извођач: NOFX
  • Албум: S&M Airlines (1989)

Five Feet Under

5 feet under, he's got one foot in the grave
Would you look at him I think he's lost it
I don't think that he can be saved
He's got a downpayment on his tombstone
He's not alone his whole life has been out
On a limb just look at him, watch
Him get smashed and race bikes so fast
Just don't laugh, what will it say on his epitaph
Here he lies may he rest in peace
Hung on to life by the skin of his teeth
Pushing his luck thru the bottle he drinks
He's got a date with his maker and he
Doesn't want to be late and make no mistake
He's a good friend so why might his life
Have to end, my friend I don't want to
See you dead
I don't want to see him dead!
I don't want to see him dead!
I don't want to see him dead!
Поставио/ла: LithiumLithium У: Субота, 13/08/2022 - 21:48


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