Para Cantar he Nacido (превод на енглески)

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I was born to sing

I was born to sing
I am a song carried by the wind
Sometimes I sing in the tree
That loses its leaves from sadness
Sometimes I drink from the fire
Words of spring
My blood sings inside of me
Like the rain does outside
The night sings and turns
Its birds into stars
But when the people sing
They set my veins to music.
I never look at the rose
For its colour of a chimera
I look at it for it has
The blood of dreamers
Because in its branches
The hands of the one who sows it
Are blossoming.
If the song does not rise
Like the fire
If it does not free the sadness
Of those on earth
The voice of the chacarera
Is no use.
Like the river sings
When the night blinds it
And without looking at its path
It continues its stone way
I sing for those who are
Walking on earth.
My song is blue and it is stars
And a lit guitar
In its people's heart
Life suffers and moves
With the profile of the drums
The withered hopes
That's why I sing for the things
Life gives me
For the changuitos made of clay
Deepening lost moons
For the stem with its thorns
And for man with his wounds.
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Para Cantar he Nacido

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