Peggy Zina - Paradosou (Παραδώσου) (превод на енглески)

превод на енглески


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You can't have me unless I want you to
That's why you should be careful,
Of what you think about, what you believe, what you ask for. I know deep down that you've made a mistake again
I know that you're wrong and that you're in pain
It's unfair for me to be going crazy because of you
(It's unfair) For the loneliness to drown me every night
Let me try and don't take me back,
Don't make me remember the past
You look at me and consider me an enemy
Me, who loves everything about you
Don't resist me tonight, surrender, surrender for one night
And when you wake up in your dreams
And I'm sleeping by your side again,
It would be best for you to ask yourself
You have to finally realize and run to catch up
Before the love gets lost
I'm telling you to finally do something, I know that it's not my fault that you're upset and hurt
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Paradosou (Παραδώσου)

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