Anna Vissi - Paralyo (Παραλύω) (превод на енглески)

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I'm Paralyzed

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And the day seems like it has become one with the night
and death seems like is life for me,
and my heartbeat can be seen on the monitor
as a straight line.
And time, you accidentally stopped, seems like it
passed by on my face twice as much,
and has changed me.
And I feel the fear within my chest,
bitter like coffee remains at the bottom of a cup.
And I see the light in my mind
fading day by day,
and my face changing in front of the mirror
becoming another, one I don't recognize
and one that creeps me out.
I'm paralyzed,
I feel the world falling at my feet
like I'm on the first day of school, in August
with the heat in my heart indicating -2°C.
I'm paralyzed,
the brakes are creaking, the horn is blearing,
the bus brushes past me
and I'm paralyzed in the thought I must still live without you.
And I see my life as a humongous wall
raising over the end of the road
and the children voices at the schoolyard
sound like a mournful march to my ears
and the road that once lead me
to your front door,
exists no more.
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Paralyo (Παραλύω)

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