Prinssi Ali (Repriisi) [Prince Ali (Reprise)] (превод на енглески)

превод на енглески

Prince Ali

This Ali, our prince
He isn't at all
Just read it from my lips
It is true
He hurts with his lies
Is always giving himself airs and graces
But look who the prince is Ali!
Or should we say, Aladdin?
Jasmine, I tried to tell. I'm just...
Ali is the most pitiful, poor Aladdin
Broke, unbelieveable, poor is he
I don't think it's a secret anymore
That he has a new personality
Money doesn't weigh in his pockets
When he gets the most flying launch
When his money disappears and the revenge is sweet
And like this
He goes to the end of the world
Bye! See you!
Prince Ali!
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Prinssi Ali (Repriisi) [Prince Ali (Reprise)]