Quiero volar (превод на енглески)

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I want to fly

Its not that easy to say the truth
but that's my inner wish
and its stronger and bigger than my will
I want to live the truth
Thats what I look for,
and want to find,
I want to be everything you want me to be
I want to fly
like an eagle
to listen to your voice
and to hold your hand
I want to leave behind
all my burden
Help my faith
I want to touch you
I want to fly
where you are
Make a wish that kindle my interior
Change myself
I want to do what I feel in my heart
To live just for you
I need you and I want to surrender to you
I cant see any other reason to live
I want to see your face
Raise me up with your love
Let your truth to capture me..
Поставио/ла: JustJaneJustJane У: Среда, 03/09/2014 - 09:39

Quiero volar

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