Reginella campagnola (превод на енглески)

превод на енглескиенглески

Little queen countrywoman

At dawn when the sun comes out
In all golden Abruzzo
The prosperous peasant women
descend into the valley's full of flowers .
Chorus: O beautiful countrywoman,
you are the little queen!
In your eyes there is the sun
the color of the violets
and of all the valleys in bloom
If you sing, your voice
Is a harmony of peace
That spreads and says:
"If you want to live happily,
you have to live up here!"
When there is the feast in the village
she goes around with her basket...
Trotting around with the donkey,
that brings her to the city.
But then in the evening, at sunset
she goes with her friends
And she is all intent on telling
What she has seen in the city
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Reginella campagnola

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