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Capital STEEZ - InVision Ft. AK

We be the elevated clan, beastcoast
I pre meditated my elevation fam
Potential monumental but never pencils in my hand
Medicated strands on my high horse
I torch who ever apply force to broham
No one taught me to see the way that I see dog
Know the god within me hold my block down just like a seesaw
We Lords show no remorse
To frauds want to be lords
See the road to eyes blinded by a fake miraj they parched
Blood thirsty for fame they held no name
Uh we all programmed the same I point no blame
It's up to you to escape this cage and out the flames
Meditate and ascend to levels only gods can claim
Step one light another fucking doobie
This life is just a movie so I'm rolling with the groupies
This dimension Imma blend in decide to let my pen win
Merge with the earth cause time travelers sent them
Shit my eyes lower then the frequency
Increase the beat yeah I'm a lost soul but I speak in pieces
Let me chop it up
Got the sticky got the Dutch
Used to hear voices but I can't cause we loud as fuck
Probably cause my pop wasn't around enough
Capital its over 47 and we rounding up
Beastcoast hounds starting howling cause the sound is rough
Had to make our niggas in the dog pound proud of us
Astral projecting came back for a second
And realized my lips were much blacker in heaven
Still blowing on that smog smoke on that new god flow
Cause I'm a Nubian from the cosmos
And I elope with that Mary acquired smoke
On this planet designed to travel dimensions and find of hope
But how could we get higher when they try to limit with there
Fuck that
I conquered this realm and transcend till I am ghost above rap
My agenda higher more men required
Never surrender sire the engine within desires the most
Ho, make a toast well you made it this close
Still attacking on your toes gold soul indigos
I doubted I could change this planet
But we all gotta take the advantage
I started growing it made me start embracing the damage
That was dealt cause I thought it was the way that we planned it
It made me more philosophical we living in madness
But they only see the world through surveillance cameras
We starving and they take no precaution
And apparently the hood make us think like orphans
And they treat the peace keepers like Martians
It's my territory do your best to keep off it
Forfeit cause your loss is remorseless
Homie got smoked now he lying in a coffin


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