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Subway Sexists

Eshays want some silence
Winzip, I love you so much.
I am a registered sex offender
I stuck my dick into a blender
Your mom is a transgender
I am a professional nude sender
You know that I be dominating
My cock and balls are rotating
Ice on my wrist I could go skating
Between thick thighs I am suffocating
I have a huge fucking cock
I nut inside my sock.
I walk around in Crocs
While my dick is harder then a rock
I fuck bitches in school
Cause you know I'm fucking cool
I jump inside my pool
I take a hit from my Juul
I don't actually smoke
But I make your bitch choke
Once I give someone a stroke
My cock is hard, like oak
You know I'm dropping fire
You can sing my songs in the choir
They call me Quagmire
'No they don't but at least it rhymes
Everyone sing along for the next part
I nutted inside your mo-om
Yeah (Yay!)
I nutted inside your mo-om
Alright here we go
(Eshays want some silence)
(Winzip I love you so much)
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
You know I love being a sexist
I eat pussy for breakfast
Ice on my necklace
I had sex with my dentist
My fanbase is getting bigger
Your ho is a gold digger
I wear Tommy Hilfiger
While I pull on the trigger
Woah, woah, woah
That was risky
My bitch just turned 60
She knows my cum is sticky
But her pussy is squeeky like Mickey
My lines are hotter than the stars
When I am dropping these crazy bars
My cum has filled the jars
And stained so many cars
(Your mom is a ho)


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