Shinsei Kamattechan - Rock 'N' Roll wa Nariyamanai (ロックンロールは鳴り止まないっ) (превод на енглески)

превод на енглески

Rock 'N' Roll Won't Stop Ringing

Yesterday night, in the TSUTAYA in front of the train station
I rented the Beatles
I rented the Sex Pistols
That's what they call "Rock 'N' Roll"
But I don't get the appeal at all
do da turatura oh yeah! yeah! yeah!
At dusk, going home after my extracurricular activities
I listened to the Beatles again
I listened to the Sex Pistols again
Something is different now
I took out the MD and my ear buds
But why won't it stop ringing in my ears?!
do da turatura oh yeah! yeah! yeah!
I can still hear the song from that day, from far away
I'm yelling, far away, close to you, right next to you
Watch me from afar, I'm still the same as that day
This shock I felt for the first time
Give it to me forever, forever
More, more, give more to me
More, more, more, more, give more to me!
I spit out aiming at the faraway you
I'm yelling, far away, close to you, right next to you
Most of recent music is crap!
That's the kind of thing you say, that's right, no matter the era
That's why I'll yell right now, right now, I'll yell right now
I'll make my guitar ring for you
Even if you don't understand, right now, now, the meaning of this song
I make it ring now, it's the time to make it ring
Rock 'N' Roll won't stop ringing
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Tsutaya: Tsutaya is a chain of store in Japan that sells and rents DVD's and CD's. They also sell blank media.
MD: MiniDisc. The MiniDisc format was very popular in Japan for many years, more popular than MP3 players, until the ipod was launched. A lot of people would rent CD's at places like Tsutaya and copy them onto MD's which they bought at the same time in Tsutaya.


Rock 'N' Roll wa Nariyamanai (ロックンロールは鳴り止まないっ)