Sanjam često rodnog grada ime (превод на енглески)

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I often dream of my hometown's name

I often dream my hometown's name
Where hyacinth was smelling delightfully
Oh, if my soul could pass
So I could walk through the most beautiful street
I dream, tonight I dreamed of my darling
I dreamed that God woke her up with early dawn
Oh, if I could lie next to the river,
My Una river, and kiss the breast
I dream of, I dream of my hometown's name
Of spending all night long in the cafe
Oh, if my hometown's people were there
But they aren't and I drink because of that
Stop, heart, my crumb of hope
Shall my soul go to another world
Oh, if I could say it with my last tear
My wish to get back to my old hometown
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Sanjam često rodnog grada ime

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