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Without naming her

I'd like to tell you about her without naming her
As one tells about a beloved, untruth one
A girl full of life who wakes up,
Facing brighter futures under the sun
She gets bludgeoned,
She gets chased and she gets hunted,
But up she rises
She does suffer and go on strike
They put her in prison
They betray her and forsake her
But she makes us want to live
Makes us want to follow her
To the end, to the end
I'd like to pay a tribute to her without naming her
She's a pretty May flower, she's a wild fruit
She's a plant well planted on both her legs
Knocking around free just wherever she wants
I'd like to tell you about her without naming her :
Be she beloved or unloved, she is loyal ;
And if you want me to introduce her to you
So she's called Permanent Revolution.
Если у тёти были бы колёса, мы назвали бы её автобусом.
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Sans la nommer

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