Beauty and the Beast (OST) - Sofraya [Be Our Guest] (превод на енглески)

превод на енглески

At the table

Ma chère mademoiselle !
Seeing you along us tonight
Makes us feel proud and happy
And now we want you to relax
Your dining room proudly presents you:
Your food !
To the table, to the table...
Let us serve you
You put on a napkin chérie
Sit and relax
Soups, hors d'oeuvres
Service is our name
Try this, it is great
If you don't believe, ask the dishes
With songs and dances
Don't forget, it is France here.
Here the dinner is a feast
Take a look at this menu
Say what would you like
Be our guest, come, sit at the table
Stew, meat and souffle
Pudding and pie flambe
We are ready to serve
Come, this dinner is a cabaret
Even if you are alone
The whole feast is ready
We are happy with this event
You have fun with us, too
Forks, knives,
They are here with me
We will prepare our most delicious food
Hold your glass
Tonight you will be our guest
This dinner will a remedy of your problems
To the table, to the table, to the table
This life is such a pain
A servant, who cannot serve
What does he do? Say
Ah! What a happiness it was in the old days
Where are these old days?
We have been rusting for ten years
We got dust from doing nothing
Nobody sees our skills, nobody
There is no work in the castle, I am sure
Except for laziness
But now you came
Your coming as a guest
In a moment livened us up
The wines are ready
Fortunately, the napkins are ironed
If you want a sweet tea
A few minutes are enough
While the cups are preparing
I would warm up and boil
I am ready for service
What is this? Is it a stain?
Wipe it out very quickly, so that the guest wouldn't see
We have more work
How much sugars?
Come on welcome to the table
To the table, to the table...
Very nice, come like this
There is an elephant on it
Nobody came to us
We were very sad !
Relax here
This is our house
The candles burned
Tell us if you want boots
Our wealth never ends
If you say, I will satiate you much
If you want, sleep in front of me
If you are very tired, rest after
But before to the table, to the table
Come to the table
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Sofraya [Be Our Guest]

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