Tony Dize - Solos (превод на енглески)

превод на енглески


She told me, It's late, you can no longer see the sun
and to do her a favor
take her home, get some alcohol
to get to know each other better
and he realized she had a plan
crazy life for her is normal
she offered fire too talkative
and like that, I offered her to be
(Tony Dize & Chencho)
staring at each other's eyes
losing us for a while
like everybody else does
wildly just for a minute
deciphering all the bussiness
because we want to be together
until the end comes
and nothing happens (maldy)
those smells make even the dog to fall in love
of your ____ te way she dances my songs
pretty face
look like of hunting lions
I like your shirt also your ______
you've got me in a sea of dreams
crazy to taste you, to occupy your love
what I like the most is when she lets her hair fall
when you express me your wishes mami
knows your name
I'll be your man
I already saw you there
well I am hungry
I know you want to do it
Easy, is to have it
you lost your body's control
and just one kiss is missing
to lose calm
but you make me feel ready
adventure is calling us
your body, far away, calls
Dize, tell me your drama
(Tony Dize)
She kept on being a beast
night was getting late
I was still in her game
trying to take her shyness away
so I could contemplate her nudity
I tried to kiss her and she evaded me
anxious, she left me wanting more
and even though that didn't suit her
I cam closer and told her
Chencho y Maldy!
Plan B is Plan B
with Tony Dize
As much as it snores
street's melody
unexpected combination
Result: fulminant attack
Pina Records!
The only company
the rest are
On Haze's floor
Ieverything was a matter of time
say it pina
House of pleasure coming soon.
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