Soul mate

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Idiomatic translations of "Soul mate"

توأم الروح

Meanings of "Soul mate"


1. a person who is perfectly suited to another in temperament.
2. a person who strongly resembles another in attitudes or beliefs, i.e. ideological soul mates.

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"Soul mate" in lyrics

Melim - My Shelter

You are the reason for my happiness
Don't say I'm not your soul mate
My love, please, come live with me

Noor Al-Zein - I'm locked

It is written for you to remain for me
And you shall remain my beloved
My other half and my soul mate
I'm your patient and you are my doctor

Nancy Ajram - Why Don't You Come Here

Darling you are my world and I would die if someone else touched you,
Why don't you come here and realize that I'll be yours tomorrow,
I'm the teacher in this world and I really think I'm your half (other half--soul mate),
Our love is one of a kind, impossible to find,

Rang rasiya - The Flaming Colours of Passion

They’ll make one whole

Then why are you still disconcerted, you, my soul mate?

Tamer Hosny - come back to me

come back to me my heart is with you , i can't forget your love,oh my beloved ,the most beautiful angel ,my soul mate
come back to me ,my heart is with you , i can't forget your love,oh my beloved ,the most beautiful angel ,my soul mate

Farruko - Obsessed

This love we have is forever.
Like the bible says
My soul mate
My better half,

Mika Mendes - Magic


My soul mate
You are my pearl

Moein - Soul Mate

Soul Mate
You're right next to me but I miss you every time
You know it's not a habit,it's just pure love
You're right next to me but I pretense anyway

Akua Naru - Poetry: How Does It Feel?

my, i want to drink the sweat off your intellect. reflect, and watch your light passion off my neck. caress the sight of your presence with no question. undress, to the nakedness of love, pure love. i want to make love to my soul mate. my soul mate. make love to my soul mate. my soul mate. make love to my soul mate. shit.

i wonder how does it feel to make love to your soul mate. kind of like writing poetry till climax. till the point and place where our space and time match, and we, cross divine paths. tell me would you like that. how would like that. tell me would you like that. now would you like that. tell me would you like that. would you like that. tell me.

Bombay Vikings - Where are you

(im waiting for you)
kar raha hu rehguzar
(telme where you are my soul mate)
kaho kahan ho humsafar

Lee Hi - Scarecrow

But I know my heart very well
I know so well that it won’t change
Because everyone has a soul mate in this world
And that kind of love cannot be forgotten

Eros Ramazzotti - Soul Mate

I run away without you.
Where will you be, a beautiful soul?
The soul mate,
Where will you be?...

Joseph Attieh - The First

Oh my soul mate, listen to me, just listen
If I get you out of me, my soul would go too
I fell in love with you so badly; I fell in till I passed out
Since the day I saw you; I can’t find where my mind has gone to

Enchanted (OST) - This Is Love

In love, it's not enough to take a yes (proposal) for granted
You have to be sure you'll be able to say
"This is my soul mate"
"This is love, I know it"

Excision - Gold (Stupid Love)

Do I wanna let it happen?
Do you wanna just walk away
When you feel like my soul mate?

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Otherside

A scarlet starlet and she's in my bed
A candidate for a soul mate bled
Push the trigger and pull the thread

Andrés Eloy Blanco - Paint Me Little Black Angels(Poem)

yes sir.

Oh, my little soul mate!
So good was the black child!

Sachin Warrier - as a door opened

though i see myself mirrored in you
still you are my 'forever friend' so true
as you relate to me as my soul mate
you didn't profess in words till date

Christophe Maé - I have left

I confess, I'm not happy
I was living on love
Today I don't have my soul mate anymore
I'm listening to my pain

Vanessa Paradis - Heavenly Romance

My dream romance
Divine idyll,
My soul mate
My romance