Sumetskaya (Сумецкая) (превод на енглески)

превод на енглескиенглески


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Hey! Who is riding? Who is riding?
Who is riding - look at those!
Our skobari are riding
On the back of a lame horse
Skobari are jolly people
From the fair they're getting back
Some are stripped, and some are shoeless
Others' heads were being whacked
Play me such 'Skobar' amusing
Let me into gladness delve
So the pain'll go easy on the
Belly of my sinful self
Play me such amazing music
So we'd in the dance arise
And so snotty punks at random
Wouldn't jump before our eyes
Oh how I want to, how I want to
How I want to prance tonight
But to be completely honest
I just want to start a fight
Look at this little show off
Where did this guy come from?
Well he'd better not get hit
By aspen log and go home
I was going to the shindig
Got a nickel from my dad
Mother whispered in my ear "Just
Don't get drunk, you silly head"
I was born a reckless fellow
There is nothing I hold dear
If they cut my head off shoulders
I will use a log from here
I'm getting broken, getting bent
I'd say I'm feeling bad
Better bring me pint of vodka
And all doctors will be damned
To the hell with those people
Who consider us winebags
Booze was bought for our money
No one us as beggars tags
They just punched me, they just beat me
A black eye they tried to give me
Then I get my shoulder hit
So I just stand and laugh at it
I can be upset no longer
Cannot blubber anymore
Let me rollick for a moment,
Let me free myself from bore
Fair braids of my sweet darling
Freely flowed below her waist
Me and my comrade each other
For these braids in tussle faced
Oh, comrade, just look at you
Look at where you brought me to
You brought me to the forest dark
You brought me to the prison stark
We've been playing, we've been fighting
Now we have to mend our scars
Now we have to look at freedom
From behind them iron bars
Oh, the jail of Petrograd
Your staircases with the curve
Me and my comrade were singing
Spending time we have to serve
Play a tune, I'll sing a song
And bellyache won't bite as strong
Let them people judge us freely
So inmates would get along
His brother's name was Jubal; he was the father of all
who play stringed instruments and pipes. (Genesis 4:21)
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