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Sverige (U.S. of America)

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Now let's go with a nice song here then,
would you like to start then, Tore
and read from the top up here
Sweden where the wind is sizzling through birch trees and the rivers are rushing,
Where we walk on top of dew splashed mountains and deep valleys
though fir forest and pine trees' halls
Up on lingonberry-red grass lands we walk past cottages
We hear birds chirping and midsummer girls giggling
Thou ancient, thou free, do you want to live or die,
Now it's your turn
I thank the roadwork department for your zealous and classy service,
every morning you come and tow away my car
The housing agency that registers my prayers
and gives me hope while waiting in line
And I thank all the department offices for documents
and letters, and that I did not have to understand what you wrote
I thank you for all the punk rockers and alcoholics
so that my wife and kids don't have to be alone when they're downtown
And grandma and grandpa thank you for the new old waltz
and for not having to leave the house at all
It's too darn great!
I thank the media that makes the life more rich
by making me understand
that drug lords, robbers, lawyers
and tax evaders have a really hard knock life
I thank all the city planners that
old houses are not allowed to exist
so that we avoid the need to have something to remember
And I thank the school system for their new tidings
so that we avoid knowledge! Hey!
Regulations, prohibitions, rules, and laws
so that noone has fun or knows how to complain
And the number of sick leave lay days increases
so that I have to be sick longer nowadays
I thank all the politicians and their flow of words
so that I don't have to make decisions regarding my own destiny
I thank all the employers and unions
for that you fight for our wages
so that I don't need to have my own fund for my sons
And the police because they are motorizing and expanding
so that we don't have to meet anyone on patrol
And the health care for personnel quotas and the tailored production
so that we avoid relations and emotions.... yeeah!
I thank the liberal education of our youth, free from strict rules
They create such funny artwork in Stockholm's subways.... hihihi!
I thank evolution and the concience of corporations
so that we don't have to worry about work
And I thank all computers and the code they're running
so that I don't have to find solutions myself
and I totally don't have to think at all myself - quite adequate!
Sweden where the wind no longer is sizzling through the birch trees
and the rivers no longer are rushing
where we walk among power plant mountains and fenced-off nuclear valleys
cut down fir forest and pine trees' empty halls
Thou ancient, thou free, what the hell not being good any more
[sound of a fist punch] uuuiiiikkkk
[sound of a fist punch] onhoddelt
how was it boys?
there's only one thing to say about that
and that's
too darn great
too darn great
too darn great
too darn great
too darn great
too darn great
too darn great
too darn great
too darn great
too darn great
too darn great
too darn great
too darn great
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"Du gamla, du fria" (thou ancient, thou free) is an obvious reference to the lyrics of the Swedish national anthem,_du_fria
"Vi gå över daggstänkta berg" (we walk on top of dew splashed mountains) is a very popular Swedish song that most kids learn in school.å_över_daggstänkta_berg

It's also worth pointing out that the last verse starting with "Sverige där björkarna slutat susa…" (Sweden where the wind no longer is sizzling) is sung with an attempted immigrant accent, and to further emphasize this, towards the end of the verse, there's an intentional lingustic error that would only be made by people that don't have Swedish as their mother tongue: "vafan inte vara bra längre". (Correct Swedish would be "vafan, du är inte bra längre").


Sverige (U.S. Of America)

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