Tango nel fango (превод на енглески)

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Tango in the mud

Dance the tango with my diphthong just a bit
fall down, then I will pull you up
an improvised and a little smoked tango
Dance the milonga with your diphthong just a bit
turn on you to make me turn
with slow and mischievous pace
maybe a little gypsy and démodé
tango we are fast here on the parquet
tango hidden from the separé
Dance the tango with your kisses just a bit, if you want
empty the head that I do not have, just a bit
It is a fragrant tango scented of rosé
Dance the milonga more closely and you'll see
a dancer you've never seen before
and fortune-teller and a little Martian
maybe sometimes in a décolleté
furious tango without cliche
tango lying on the sofa
Dance the milonga until tomorrow though
I will drag you violently
with this game, a little fandango
in the unbridled vortex of a casquet
satin and lamé tango
vicious tand a little risqué tango
tango in the mud of Rebelais
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Tango nel fango

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