Te garder près de moi (превод на енглески)

превод на енглескиенглески

Keep You Next to Me

Our loves come undone
Everything gets erased
Rushed by the passing time
When in the distance
In a murmur
Comes the song of the very old Indian
"Adventure enthusiasts
Respect fate"
I want to keep you next to me
Enamored body
Your mind
Plays like a whirling dervish1
The lovers disheveled by the dance
Of the holy torment
Sing to the morning
Prisoners of fate
I want to keep you next to me
Heavy secrets
Your whispers slip
Into our armors
Would you like to throw
Your legs around my waist again
I swear to you
I don't care about fate
I want to keep you next to me
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Te garder près de moi

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