Anna Vissi - To Teleftaio Tsigaro (Το τελευταίο τσιγάρο) (превод на енглески)

превод на енглески

The last cigarette

Do not dismiss me yet
its too early
and you know that you will see me again
do not dismiss me yet
it is not even 9 yet
you ll proceed to go to cinema...
Do not be scared
i wont cry in front of you
You will not become an eye witness
to something that i dont want you to see
(from) that bitter glass i prefer
you, do not drink that
do not ditch me yet
do not talk to me like that
do not throw away my pride
do not dismiss me yet
i want two minutes from you
dont make me request another
i ll smoke (my ) last cigarette
I will not mention (our) old conversations
with other words i will not drive you crazy
like a condemned person, a last grace
i demand you only
as long as the cigarette retains
let me hold you in my arms
esi de tha to pieis
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To Teleftaio Tsigaro (Το τελευταίο τσιγάρο)

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