Tetaplah Dihatiku (превод на енглески)

превод на енглескиенглески

Stay in My Heart

My beloved, my darling
I want you to know
This heart always looks forward to your love
You are my first romance
Who gave meaning to love
Till the end of time
Please stay in my heart
I want to hold you
And warmly embrace your love
Forever stay in my heart
I'm giving it to you
With my sincerity
I will not give it to anyone else even though you are far
I always miss you
I always will take care of you
So let there be no goodbyes
Among my certain promises to your heart
I will never turn
You are the only one in my heart
I will be right beside you
I will never let you go
Till the end of time
I'll be in your heart

J. Oats

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Tetaplah Dihatiku

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