Throwing stones

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Meanings of "Throwing stones"


Accusing someone of a crime, possibly originating from the ancient punishment of stoning, were stones were thrown at the accused.

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"Throwing stones" in lyrics

amazarashi - Living Dead

So to the people whose tears won't dry up: go on and sing!

Let's stop throwing stones at each other when we falter and fail.

Massimo Ranieri - Losing (the) love

"I didn't expect this!"

Throwing stones
at all the dreams still flying

Billie Eilish - Bad

Your talk is cheap
You're not a man
You're throwing stones
To hide your hands

Dudu Fisher - Belz

Every Sabbath I used to run with all of the other boys to the bay
to sit beneath the green trees
throwing stones into the pond

Kent - The man in the white hat

We were all small once

I'm throwing stones in my glass house
I'm throwing darts in my incubator

David Bisbal - I Forgot to Breathe

I forgot to dream
While I was throwing stones at the moon
With the force of a tear.

Kevin Johnson - Over The Hills and Far Away

Throwing stones at the embassy,
policeman come and arrested me,
Paper at the university,
said I was a hero,

Mira Awad - Tomorrow

About people that are not free
About little kids
Who are throwing stones
Instead of playing with each other

Charlie Worsham - Love Don't Die Easy

Till my soul's just skin and bone,
And make the words "I'm sorry"
Feel the same as throwing stones.
In a room full of you,

Eric Bogle - Silly Slang Song

<em>buzz</em> = the euphoric sensation felt after taking drugs.[/fn]
A joint was something between bones, and getting really stoned[fn]<em>joint</em> = hashish; spliff.
<em>get stoned</em> = get killed by the crowd by throwing stones. It was a common capital punishment in the Bible, against sinners.
<em>get stoned</em> = get really high after taking drugs, get really drunk, get wasted.[/fn]

Ben Howard - Towing the Line

Towing the line I watched the host drink all the wine
And now I'm purring for a drop of anything
Throwing stones at your window you turn to me as if it's simple
Why can't you be like the blackbird and sing?

Artur Rojek - Sirens

We drank thousands of coffees together
I was stupid to think that I knew you
By throwing stones made of words
I lose three to two again

Bee Gees - Holiday

If the puppet makes you smile
If not then you're throwing stones
Throwing stones, throwing stones

The Vamps - What your Father Says

Forget what your father says
I'm throwing stones at your windowpane
'Cause a boy like me and a girl like you

Casper - Hinterland

Beloved hinterland. Welcome in hinterland.

Always throwing stones - essential loud.
To be available for everything, to be hardly good for anything

Alligatoah - Prostitution

We're pelting bricks at them
For this, one doesn't need to go out on the streets
How very fortunate, that we're living in a glass house[fn] I think the proverb about throwing stones and living in a glass house is known in English, too...[/fn]

Tony Cetinski - I die a hundred times a day

For a full month now, as if the world was crashing down
As if someone was throwing stones at my soul
I still don't understand and ask myself aloud

LP - One Last Mistake

The harder stuff is always love
When it ends...
Head full of times I spent throwing stones
Am I destined to be desolate

Luis Eduardo Aute - Ten after four

It was in that movie theater, do you remember?
one morning, East of Eden.
James Dean was throwing stones
to a white house, and then I kissed you.

The Carters - LOVEHAPPY

Y'all could make up with a bag, I had to change the weather
Move the whole family West, but it's whatever
In a glass house still throwing stones
Hova, Beysus, watch the thrones