Totes Fleisch (превод на енглески)

превод на енглескиенглески

Dead Flesh

"A terrible prophecy
shall be fulfilled
the wind of death
will sweep over the earth
the continents will sink into an ocean
full of blood"
Shredded bodies lie on the ground
Blood is everywhere you look
People die every day
You can see it, you see death
1000 bleached skulls stare at you
Skeletal hands grab at you
the fire of destruction burns in your eyes
the sickle of death cuts your flesh
Dead flesh
everything you see
Dead flesh
everything you smell
Dead flesh
everything you feel
Dead flesh
Dead flesh
everything you are
the scent of decomposition permeates your skull
You can't bear it
You can't understand it
Your body begins to dissolve
Your flesh withers
Your flesh rots
now you lie on the ground, cold like stone
between all the dead bodies
and all the blood
now you're another victim of death
You're no longer worth anything
just dead flesh
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Totes Fleisch

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