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Raise your words rather than your voice. It is the rain that makes plants and flowers grow not the thunder. (Rumi)


I like all languages, cultures and people. I hope I can get to know people's way of life and learn their lovely languages. Language learning and hiking are my passions. I studied English, Arabic and Persian and I hope I'll be able to learn Turkish as well.

О мени

For some time I was going through a crisis of identity. You see we Kurds do not have a country of our own and unfortunately, we are treated as second-hand citizens by the governments of the countries where we live. Now I have come to this understanding that the whole world is like my country. I no longer feel I am bound by borders. The whole planet is like my home and people's joys and sufferings are mine, too.

Kurdish dialects
Kurdish (Sorani)
Учио (учила)
арапски, енглески, персијски
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MoeinNorth персијски → енглески
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Hasan ZirakThere comes a Wail of Anguish from the Graveyard! Kurdish (Sorani) → енглески
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Kurdish (Sorani) → енглески
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Oum KalthoumThey told me about patience арапски → енглески1
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арапски → енглески
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İbrahim TatlısesIt's No Use! Cтурски → енглески
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турски → енглески
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