Тёмная ночь (Tyomnaya noch') (превод на енглески)

превод на енглескиенглески

Dark is the Night

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Dark is the night, only bullets that whine o'er the steppe,
Just the cold wind that hums in the wires, stars that twinkle so dimly.
On this dark night, darling, I know that you cannot sleep,
By the cradle, a tear glints your cheek, in the lamplight so homely.
How I adore the depths of your tender dark eyes –
Depths I’d explore if I were to be near my Venus!
Dark is the night, that holds back the golden sunrise,
And that gloomy, mysterious steppe that lies sprawled out between us.
I trust in you, in my darling, my sweetheart, my wife –
And to know that you’re true, on this night, saves me from deadly weapons...
Gladly, for me, in this knowledge I daunt deadly strife
I know I can rely on your love, no matter what happens.
Death, where’s thy sting, when I know there’s an angel that keeps
Wearing my ring, now the chaos is whirling round me…
Knowing you’re there, by the cradle, my sweetheart who weeps –
And your tear lets me know that your love will always surround me!
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Тёмная ночь (Tyomnaya noch')