Van den Budenmayer (превод на енглески)


Van den Budenmayer

O voi che siete in piccioletta barca,
Desiderosi d'ascoltar, seguiti
Dietro al mio legno che cantando varca,
Non vi mettete in pelago, ché forse,
Perdendo me, rimarreste smarriti.
L'acqua ch'io prendo giá mai non si corse;
Minerva spira è conducemi Appollo,
è nove Muse mi dimostran l'Orse.
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Van den Budenmayer

O you who are in your tiny boat,
eager to hear more, following
behind my ship that advances, singing,
[go back, if you are to see your shores again.]
Do not put yourselves to sea, for if
you lose me, you too will be forever lost.
The waters I travel have never yet been crossed;
Minerva breathes, and Apollo guides me,
it is the nine Muses who show me the North Star.
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