On the verge of

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Meanings of "On the verge of"


If you are 'on the verge of doing/experience something', it means that you are almost doing or experiencing something.

Example: "After her boss discovered she was the one who stole the money, Mary was on the verge of being fired".

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"On the verge of" in lyrics

CNCO - Pretend

Every time I get the feeling I can't fight (Oh-oh-oh)
And I know it just ain't right
I’m on the verge of losing you again (again)
Now that you're so inside my skin (inside my skin)

Pierre Bachelet - She has to be from some other place

She has this way of not saying anything
That speaks on the verge of memories
This way of walking across

EXO-CBX - Paper Cuts

There aren't any stars in the night sky, please help me cut them out
The paper cuts in my head are
Illuminated faintly by the light, on the verge of breaking, I fear
The paper cuts in my head

Mohsen Yeganeh - Behet Ghol Midam

You imagine you’re in love with me
Don’t worry, this is your daily game
One that is on the verge of leaving is always nervous
Two days will pass after this nervousness and I’ll be gone from your memories

Pomme - Anxiety

I am the one they don't see
I am the one they don't hear
I am hidden on the verge of tears
I am the drama queen

Alexander Jean - Whiskey & Morphine

Oh, I feel like I've been swallowing a loaded gun
This shit ain't fun
I'm on the verge of fainting with my brains

BTS (Bangtan Boys) - Airplane pt.2

The cute bragging about
money on TV, I’m fed up
My passport is on the verge of death by overwork
You’re the ones that profited from the media Hahahaha

Dvicio - Valeria

Today everything tells me that if I pluck up the courage
Like a child at a fair
I’m on the verge of a heart attack
For your love Valeria

Vescan - We've forgotten how to be human

Because people simply are bad by definition
Egoists with ambition
And common decency on the verge of disappearing.

Twice - Trick It

Quivering sensation beyond this thrill is
Oh yeah yeah
The tension on the verge of stealing your heart
Oh yeah yeah

Facundo Cabral - You're not depressed, you're distracted

Pain enjoyed as flamenco singers and tango singers.

Madrid, where Lupe is always on the verge of thought but never falls,
Miami is the bridge that connects Latinos with the Saxons,

Lewis Capaldi - Grace

Don't take it away

On the verge of almost bleeding you out
Are we too wounded now to ever come down?

Black M - I Won't Say Anything

[Verse 3 - Doomams]:
Will your heels support your big thighs?
Your mini shorts are on the verge of breaking up
Fixed I see myself sitting on it with a big joint

Leo Imai - Bite

I have no choice but to keep piercing through like a sunshine

To be always on the verge of a sudden conflict
Sounds like fun to me


Though I know it's on purpose, don't do things that make me worry
Though it's happened twice or thrice, I'm beyond recovering
Poke me and I'll crumble, I'm on the verge of exploding
Oh, why have I become like this?

Bigflo et Oli - For a Friend

So guys, tell me, a friend is what, exactly?
A kind of brother present at every moment
When, sometimes, you have nausea, on the verge of exploding
The only thing you can count on

Attack on Titan (OST) - Crimson Bow and Arrows

Drawing his bow, he takes after his target; he won’t let it escape
Releasing his arrow, he closes upon it; he won’t let it escape
He bends his bow to its limits, the string on the verge of snapping
He’ll release it, time and time again, until the target draws its last breath

amazarashi - Monologue

The pitch-black sun, when it plummeted to its death,
left behind the burnt-in silhouette of a single summer as its last will,
which bleeds deep red in a bathroom waste bin, on the verge of tears.

Frankie J - Pensando En Ti

I do not accept this to be your last goodbye
I am on the verge of dying full with pain
It hurts loosing you, my love.

Smallfoot (OST) - Percy's Pressure

The weight of all the world is really weighing on me! (So much pressure)
This is no time to quit
I'm on the verge of a hit
And I’m determined to make this a success, yeah