Vid VI (превод на енглески)

Потребна провера
превод на енглески


Naked in my tower
I witness the flight of [the] bird of death
A flight from the sun of Yahweh
Whose nauseating sheen is repressive1
I see the ugly beauty
And miss the cold season
For I too had wings
Many damn2 years ago
A withered mistle blossoms again
When the hounds of hell have gnawed
The last bone3 of Jesus
For the time is near when the shrieks of the creaks4
Drown out the Christian cry
And I tower on pedestal
  • 1. Or "disciplin" or "distressing"? Not sure.
  • 2. "Herrens" literally means "the Lord's" and it's sort of used to emphasize something
  • 3. Or perhaps "knuckle"
  • 4. Not sure what "knarrenes" mean, throwing out a guess based on the similarity with the Swedish "knarrens" which would be "the creaks"
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Vid VI

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