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A Guilt-Ridden Mind текст

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A Guilt-Ridden Mind

Those days...
Those horrid days
When they come...
Those horrific things
Moments lost
They return again
The undying past
Full of the deceased
An existing paradox
That metallic taste
Blood's bitterness
With trailing tears
Mocking a survivor
A poignant potion
Looking up above
Into the heavens
Finding no answers
Only space eternal
Meekness of men
Where is the way
A noble purpose
Reasons for living
Questioning death
God's merciful hand
Lost in living yet
Each breath taken
Drawn with such effort
Searching for a why
A kingdom of mysteries
Magic fails reality's grip
A day's drudgery drowns
Commanding depths
Unseen and unknown
Fording into the future
River found bottomless
Time's meaning - lost
Given unto an age
Cursed to resurrection
By beguiling thoughts
A guilt-ridden mind
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