Melisses - Gia Psonia (Για Ψώνια) (превод на енглески)

превод на енглески


I woke up early in the morning again
in order to stare at you for a while my little girl
but you were gone
All worried I'm looking everywhere for you
but prrobably you were already somewhere else
around me there's everywhere clouds
And I'm thinking,black sky
always rainy,black dreams
they get black as well
and all these happens because you're gone
Yeah you're gone
ohhh you're gone
nahahah you're gone
ohhh you're gone
I'm calling you on the cellphone
but someone tells me that you have it deactivated
however I haven't done something wrong
I'm going to the bathroom to shave
and I see the mirror written with pink lipstick
"good morning baby, I'm out for shopping, I love you".
And I'm glad,blue sky
shiny and again and the dreams
they also came to life
and all this happens because you're back again
You're back
ohhh you're back
ahahah you're back
ohhh you're back
Again you
ohhh again you
ahahahah again you
Blue sky
always shiny and the dreams
are alive again
and all these happens because we're together again
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Gia Psonia (Για Ψώνια)

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