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To my wife

When the share of too many seasons
On our faces and on our foreheads
Will have dug heavy furrows
When our children have grown up
Will have abandoned the nest
Leaving in our weakened hearts
The void
When our gestures are slower
That we will see pass the time
With a strangely air
When we have no future
We will stir memories
Earth that cannot become
Laughed at
When with slow and uncertain steps
We will visit gardens
Who like our foreheads will be painted
When at the cost of thousands of efforts
We will probably still be looking
To kill an already dead time
To live
When we are no longer
That two hearts linked without a project
We will open with regret
The book
That we will have over the years
Written on the pages of time
Where two words will miss
To be continued
When finally my life traveled
Ready to enter the unknown
I'll watch you lost
And pale
When in your eyes I will see
That without our love now
Your days will never be, never
The same
When my eyes won't see anything
When my hand will seek your hand
At a time when speaking will be a
After accepting God
Just before I close my eyes
Again if I can
I will say to you like a farewell
I love you
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À ma femme

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