Ода лени ( Oda leni) ( översättning till engelska)

Ода лени

Чем Вам не нравится Емеля на печи?
Не курит и не пьет, и в ус не дует!
Да, денег у него - не пруд пруди,
Но над инфляцией не плачет, не тоскует!
Чистейшей прелести чистейший образец!
И не спешите говорить: "Не состоялся!"
Как не спешите возлагать венец
На тех, кто ввысь по трупам пробирался!
И свысока он теперь учит нас,
Как жить, чтоб наконец "Зауважали"!
Все очень просто: секс, бокс, джаз
(для тех, кто в этом что-то понимает).
Возможно, станут возражать:
"Что, если б все так на печи лежали?"
Заверю Вас: не стали б унижать,
Вас бы не грабили, не убивали!
Не сотрясалась бы земная ось
От этого безудержного крика!
А мне - писать бы не пришлось,
Вам воробей бы прочирикал!
А так на юг он улетел,
За ним вороны поспевают...
Он и родню забрать хотел,
Да денег нет... Не по уму встречают!
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Ode to laziness

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Why don't you like Emelya on the top of the *stove?
He lives carefree, sleeps all day, and doesn't smoke or drink!
Yes, he doesn't have the truckloads of the dough,
But over inflation not crying or longing!
The pure example of pure delights, Emelya, the village clown!
And don't rush to say:" It didn't materialise!"
As do not rush to bestow golden crown
On those, who used the corpses to climb so high!
And high, from the stove, he now teaching us,
How to live, so finally, to be "Respected"!
All so simple: sex, boxing, jazz
(for those, who understand anything in it).
Perhaps, some would object, and state:
" What if everyone would lie on the stove, like Emelyan?"
I can assure you: they wouldn't humiliate,
You wouldn't be robbed or killed by anyone!
Earth's axis would never start to tremble
From this unrestrained and unwanted scream!
And I wouldn't have to write a preamble,
A bird would chirped to you or sing!
And so, it flew away southwards,
The crows keep following it behind...
It also wanted to take its folks,
But has no dough... No one judge you for your mind!
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Anatoli Trojanowski

Inskickad av Treugol'nyTreugol'ny Mån, 27/01/2020 - 06:42

Emelya the fool, Russian fairy tale about a lazy guy, who used to sleep on top of the oven all day. In Russian villages they used to build an oven from clay and stones on top of which some kind of room, to lie down, was created. Usually, the children used to sleep there, to protect them from the cold. I used to like this fairy tale. Somehow, Emelya ended up rich and married the Tzars daughter. Moral of this tale is: You don't have to work hard, to get rich. Just stay in bed all day and you rich parents will leave you lots of money. Or you can catch a magic pike and cook yourself gefilte fish!

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