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You are no longer mine

Memories, explosions from the past
Over time, remain only good
The tears on your cheeks will soon dry,
You must believe, I will always be close
I would like to go back and start over,
And as before, hold your hand tight
I understand I'm not the one you were looking for,
But I won’t be another man and I can’t be just a friend
I guess I deserve it all
We did not appreciate it, and i became the crying loser
And here we are in different directions we run from one another,
And the soul somehow has many dark thoughts
You're the only one, and I'm losing you!
You are no longer mine, how is this so dear!
Is this really the end?
How did it happen I do not understand.
I need only you alone
You have to believe it
I hear sounds in my heart
Crying from separation
How do i get you back
Where do i find forgiveness
I dedicate to all the sounds
This sad song
You're not mine anymore
Forgive me, my dear, forgive and forgive
Can you forget about it now, what I promised
I lost and unfortunately you did not return
I need a storm, and you need a quiet pier,
But the heart is crying, and is buzzing nonstop
You are my whole life, success and sins
We seem to be close, but at the same time we are so far
And you became for me one of the five elements
Stop, let's calm down
We've dangerously played with our feelings many times.
Most of them of course are on my conscience
At this speed, we can both crash
I'm ready to apologize, although I also got hurt
It's not too late, you can stop
Do not destroy until the end of what we have left
I need only you alone
you have to believe it
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я больше не моя

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