メロウ (Mellow) ( översättning till engelska)


メロウ (Mellow)

何を望み 何を見て 何を悟る
イトシイ ユルサレナイ ムネガイタイ
コワイ マジワラナイ ソレデモイイ
一人 宵闇紛れて歩いた
みずたまり 冷たさが足に触れた
どれだけおもっていても 許されない感情もあるわ
理解してる 慣れているの 心を抑えること
何を感じ 何を知り 何をすれば
涙も痛みも 超えたいのに
トケテク マザッテイク ニジムシカイ
二人 夕焼け 重なるシルエット
これでいいの これがいいの ずっと願っていたの
今だけ許してほしい 明日には戻るわ
ダレニモ イエナイ オモイヲ
サヨナラ サヨナラ
イトシイ貴女 サヨナラ
何を望み 本音は 何を見て 逃げ去る 何を悟る
打ち寄せては 秘めてた
押し返す 理想の 想い超えて
解らない 掴めない
それでも いつの日か 超えてみせるわ
素直なまま 無垢な心のまま
落ちる涙雨に 甘えたまま
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メロウ (Mellow)

The fate of a noble soul dwells inside the wind
What does it wish for? What can it see? What can realize?
Hope is flickering faintly, it can’t catch up
The dried heartbeat longs for water
My dear, I can’t forgive you, my heart aches
No matter how my memory is dear to me
It’s scary, I can’t get apart from it, but it’s alright;
Even this pain is dear to me
I walked into the twilight, confused, alone
My feet felt the coldness of a puddle
No matter how much I think about it, there are even unforgivable feelings
Understand it, get used to it… to the fact that the heart can be sealed
If there’s a noble soul out there, then please let me see it
What do I feel? What do I know? What should I do?
The light of hope won’t fade away, it will light upon me
Even though I’d want to overcome even those tears, this pain…
Melting and mixing on my blurry vision field
The world isn’t changing
Our silhouettes becoming one in the sunset…
That’s the conclusion I wished for the most
And because you’re my irreplaceable one, I said to you “be happy”
And it’s okay this way, it’s fine as it is… that’s what I always prayed for…
The unnoticed drops of pain accumulated in my unconscious
Will probably end up overflowing in a blink of an eye
I just want to be forgiven now, tomorrow I’ll be back
I’ll let flow along with the rain
Those thoughts I can’t say to anyone
“I love you”
Goodbye, goodbye
Goodbye, my beloved one…
The fate of a noble soul dwells inside the wind
What does it wish for? What is its intention? What can it see and disappear? What does it realize?
Hope is flickering faintly, it can’t catch up
The dried heartbeat longs for water, screaming
I wish for your happiness more than everyone else’s
Concealed by the water passing by
Overcoming the ideal thoughts I held back
I wonder if there lies an answer in the furthest edge of pain?
I don’t know, I can’t seize it
But still, one of these days, I’ll show you I can overcome this all
I untie the string I had entwined on me
And while I’m being honest, while my heart is so pure
As a rain of tears falling down on me is mocking me…
It’s okay if I cry a little bit…?
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– 鼓動 (kodou) is not necessarily “heartbeat”, it’s simply “beat”. But most of the time it stands for “heartbeat”, and I found it pretty fitting for this stanza.
– 心を抑えること (fourth stanza) I translated this as “the heart can be sealed”, and I hope it doesn’t sound strange. That’s the most literal translation. The meaning I wanted to convey (and the meaning the song implies) is that the heart, in other words feelings, toughts, memory etc. can be “sealed”, so can be ignored, one can look away from them. I really like this stanza. And this song. And everything.
– 煙 (fifth stanza) is usually read as “kemuri” and means “smoke”, but here is read as 灯火 (tomoshibi), meaning “light”, “lamp”.
– The last stanza is probably talking about the aka-ito (赤糸) japanese legend. This whole song is about a person trying to forget another person he/she loves but doesn’t love him/her back.
The legend of akaito states that every soulmates has a red string of fate tied to their pinkies, and eventually they’ll find each other thanks to this bound.
In the last stanza, the person who stills loves the other that doesn’t anymore, is forcedly removing that string of fate from his/her finger, because, in the end, he/she realized how things can’t work out, how, maybe, it was all an sweet illusion to begin with. This hits home so close I want to scream. And, by the way, this is beautiful. Terribly, horribly beautiful.

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