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Bailando Fue

i already know.. what it was
that made you and i
hook up
world wide! ruling in la brea baby
It was while dancing
that we crossed the line
without hiding, here no one will say anything
rompe la discoteca mai!
Oh Oh Oh (come)
here no one will say anthing
rompe la discoteca mai
aqui nadie dira nada
come sweet damsel
in order to turn you on (lit. to achieve the light ... )
the subject in this school
is the rumba (dance) oh yea!
she reveals herself
let's see if she waits here
'cause I'll take out the spurs
to whip her ... oh yea
we went, take in the beat
crazy let me ?
watch it with the cousins (could mean homies)
ma my music that can be heard
even in the limbo
i have a hook that connects
like king boom
here we go ma'
the bodys are already
speaking the same language
here we go ma'
I liked you, you asked for
me to eat you
so that i abuse you
because you always light up
baby girl's a gangster
but she wants sweets
and the rich sensation they give her
lo que hizo que usted y yo
que nos pasamos de la raya
(one, two, los mas sueltos)
rompe la discoteca mai
aqui nadie dira nada
rompe la discoteca mai
aqui nadie dira nada
anyway's conmigo es very nice
como black label con ice
no voy a decirlo two is
uh girl move
your body uh
you have to do it
until i become confused
mami i don't know
what it is that you are going to do
yo! i'm going to leave the beast
and hope that it doesn't get annoyed
so much grinding or doing ..
that it shows
in make evil things i hope
that you're willing
'cause we're going to break the law
even if they arrest us
mami nos fuimos de party
mami a shorty
but i'm going to turn my body on
to mess around with all of that body (he's talking about himself)
but when she sticks
her waist dancing
it seems that a hurricane is coming through
and when the lights give you you go
destroying with a drink in hand
la cintura bailando
y cuando la luces te dan vas
yes with this
we'll continue on to mecca (like on a journey)
.. ... ..
con esta
con esta si que
Oh Oh Oh
rompe la discoteca mai
aqui nadie dira nada
rompe la discoteca mai
aqui nadie dira nada...
The big boss
(tu sabes quienes son pa`)
jowell y randy
Cartel records
live music
directamente desde el planeta vivone
dj gian (come)
El mejor de todos los tiempos
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Bailando fue

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