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All is Found

Where the north wind meets the sea
There’s a river full of memory
Sleep, my darling, safe and sound
For in this river, all is found
In her waters, deep and true
Lie the answers and a path for you
Dive down deep into her sound
But not too far or you’ll be drowned
Yes, she will sing to those who’ll hear
And in her song, all magic flows
But can you brave what you most fear?
Can you face what the river knows?
Where the north wind meets the sea
There’s a mother full of memory
Come, my darling, homeward bound
When all is lost, then all is found
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översättning till Filipino/TagalogFilipino/Tagalog (rimmar)
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"Matatagpuan ang nawawala"(All is found isinalin ni Vance Herschel Pabon)

Isang ilog sa hilaga
Tumpok na mga ala ala
Anak  ko'ng kagalakan,
"Sa ilog matatagpuan"
Sa tubig, ang totoo
sagot ng nakaraa'y para sa iyo
doon sa ingay,talimahin
Wag layo o mapapawi
Aawit sa nakarinig
ay aagos ang mahika
Magpalakas ka dahil 
sa ilog makikita
Isang ilog sa hilaga
at ina puno ng ala-ala
Mahal kong anak ,hali ka
"Matagpuan ang nawawala"
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English Translation:

A river in north
A pile of memories
My child as my happiness
"In the river is found"

In water, the truth
Answer of the past is for you
That resonance,just follow
Don't go far or get lost

It will sing to those who listened
was the magic flows
Be strong because
In the river can be found

A river in north
And a mother full of memory
My beloved child, come here
"The lost can be found"

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