bad blood

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Idiomatic translations of "bad blood"

kan davası

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Anger or hostility between
persons or groups, as in There's
been bad blood between the two
families for years. This term is
based on the old association
with blood and emotion,
particularly anger. Versions such
as ill blood preceded it; Charles
Lamb was among the first to use
the idiom in its current form in
an 1823 essay.

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вражда; ссора

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Zla krv. Razmirica. Zavada.

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"bad blood" i sångtexter

German Folk - Geyer's black hordes

In serfdom, drudgery, without rights, Heia Ho

At Weinsberg there is arson and bad blood, Heia Ho (4)
And some were put right to the sword, Heia Ho

Dotan - Numb

So infected with your
Bad blood
Bad blood
Keep on running till it

Duelo - I need more of you

What I didn't know how to give you in the end
And that maybe you deserved
And I say this without bad blood
Even though I've been the loser

Matt Simons - We Can Do Better

We can do better

When all we see is bad blood and mistakes
All we hear are sad songs 'bout heartbreaks

White Lies - Time to Give

Angels head to toeing
Bad blood overflowing
Dawn in your sister's kitchen

Bebe - You're Evil

Your pretty boy face
has been worn by time by your bad blood.
(literally: has been eaten away by time by your veins)

IC3PEAK - Bad Blood

(Your blood made) my blood sugar rise
I'm running from you, but you're close behind.
(I'm) burning up with white hot fever, (tell me are you too?)
The full moon shines in the night sky

Taylor Swift - Bad Blood

And I don't think we can solve 'em
You made a really deep cut
And baby, now we've got bad blood, hey!

James Arthur - Train Wreck

Pull me out, pull me out

Underneath our bad blood
We still got a sad song, home

Bushido - Vendetta

Do you see all the chicks here, Airbags, Airbags
I look at my mirror reflection, perfect, perfect
Vendetta, bad blood, watch out, what the king does
Just my music I find personally good

Roméo et Juliette, de la haine à l'amour (Musical) - Verona [Vérone] (English)

What tragic price must we pay
For bad blood to be washed away?
It's all too sad to contemplate

Ellinoora - The Lion King

that others thought that I had flown here on a UFO
At least in outer space
they don't share bad blood
There stands rock, love and peace

Projekt Warszawiak - There is no wise guy for a Warsovian

Suddenly he tripped over a stone crying out “Dammit!
How can they live in this Capital City?”
And then I was flooded by bad blood
Thus I pearlize him in this song:

Bebe Rexha - No Broken Hearts

[Intro: Bebe Rexha + Nicki Minaj Bebe Rexha]
Oh baby, oh baby I know that you’ve been hurting
This is a star studded collaboration
Oh baby, oh baby I know that you’ve been hurting

N.A.O. - Bad Blood

I think it is the bad, bad blood
I think it is the, know that it's the
I think it is the bad, bad blood
I think it is the, know that it's the

XYLØ - Afterlife

I don't wanna run away, no
I need a fuckin' holiday
So bad blood, bankrupt, out of love and luck
I'll get the keys to your Murciélago

Bishop Briggs - Be Your Love

[Verse 2]
Bad blood come and go
But you're still coming home

Pink Floyd - Dogs

And when you lose control, you'll reap the harvest you have sown
And as the fear grows, the bad blood slows and turns to stone
And it's too late to lose the weight you used to need to throw around

Mad Season - I'm Above


Try to keep bad blood in the past
Never thought a chance, a chance it would last

Bullet for My Valentine - Not Dead Yet

We're not the ones that seem to wanna make life difficult
We're all alive, let's build the future
Let's friend a bad blood from our tornado
We're all alive, let's build the future, build the future