Bikhtissar (باختصار) ( översättning till engelska)

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In short

In short I'm tired of waiting
Everytime you come to me with an excuse
No no no
We must solve this problem
You made me sick
Sick and tired
Go now
Ok ok go now
I'm not letting you play with me
Go now
What we had is now over
Your time is over
Being like this is impossible
Your love has no proof
Oh my eyes oh my night
For my love , oh my eyes oh my night
You made me sick
Sick and tired
The current state is unbearable
My heart woke up
Your talk is all hypocrisy
You tortured me
With your jilt you awarded me
You made me sick
Sick and tired
From Egypt with love, Tito
Inskickad av Ahmed MetwallyAhmed Metwally Lör, 31/08/2019 - 15:51
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Bikhtissar (باختصار)

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