בשערייך ירושלים (Bish'araikh Yerushalaim) ( översättning till engelska)


בשערייך ירושלים

עומדות רגלינו בשערייך ירושלים,
ותותחינו מרעימים לך שיר מזמור.
ורק דמעות הגאווה שבעיניים
נוטפות דומם, על המדים והחגור.
ציון, הלא תשאלי לשלום בחורייך
ציון, זה האושר שואג בחזנו, פראי
למנצח מזמור על מקלע, ורימון בשערייך
בדמנו חיי, בדמנו חיי
משייח' ג'ראח עד נבי סמואל, ליל ליל,
היו רוחות תש"ח שרות לך בדרכן:
"אם אשכחך ירושלים"
אך לא שכחנו - והרי אנחנו כאן!
ציון, הלא תשאלי...
איכה ישבת בדד, שסועה בין גדרות התייל.
ואיך נשבענו לך, עיר מלך ונביא,
כי לא נישק נערותינו על שפתיים
עד אם נישק לכותל המערבי
ציון, הלא תשאלי...
הר הזיתים יוריק, נכון יהיה הר הבית
ופטישים יהדהדו בך, חי נפשי!
ירושלים, כהנייך ולווייך
בדם בונים בך את הבית השלישי
ציון, הלא תשאלי...
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At your gates Jerusalem

Our feet stand at your gates Jerusalem
and our cannons thunder you a psalm
And only the tears of pride that are in the eyes
drip silently on the uniform and on the webbing
Zion [i.e. Jerusalem] , won't you ask after your sons (1)
Zion it's the happiness roaring in our chests, wildly
For the choirmaster - a psalm, upon a machine gun and a hand grenade at your gates (2)
with our lives (3), live on!
From Sheikh Jarrah to Nabi Samuel, every night
the winds of '48 were singing to you on their way: (4)
"If I'll forget you Jerusalem..." (5)
But we haven't forgotten - and here we are!
Zion, won't you ask...
Oh how you sat alone, thron between the barbed wire fences
And how we promised you, the city of kings and prophets,
that we won't kiss our girls on the lips
until we kiss the western wall
Zion, won't you ask...
The Mount of Olives will turn green, Temple Mount will be ready,
and hammers will echos in you, on my honor!
Jerusalem, your priests and levites,
are building the third temple inside you with blood (6)
Zion, won't you ask...
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The song is about the war of six days (1967) in which Jerusalem was liberated from the control of Jordan and united as one city after being divided (specifically the western wall and Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism, was inaccessible to Jews).

(1) the soldiers that fought to liberate it
(2) formulated like the start of a pslam from the book of psalms
(3) literally "with our blood", the blood of the fallen soldiers
(4) the winds of '48 meaning ever since the war of 1948 in which Israel defeated the Arab armies that attacked it right after it was founded, but also Jordan took over a part of the city
(5) the full saying is "if I'll forget you Jerusalem, my right hand will forget it's skill, my tongue will stick to the roof of my mouth if I won't remember you, if I won't raise Jerusalem above my hapiness", and it's been said for hundreds of years by Jewish grooms all over the world at their wedding, to remember Jerusalem even in times of happiness, and to mourn the destruction of the Temple
(6) referring again to the sacrifices

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