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Read my lips - STD - don't let the infection spread

Donald has no wit -- not even for a twit
Only the brainwashed believe his shit
Not my president, he's unfit
Traitorous liar, astounding dimwit.
Listen as I offer this challenge to meet:
Edge just one friend towards Donald's defeat,
Tell them the truth that breaks his deceit.
Trump thinks he's the smartest, but he gave you the key:
His own words and actions make it plain to see
Every lie, broken promise, and cruel inhumanity.
Infantile, insecure, and above all greedy
Never afraid, but for Putin, down on his knees
Fecklessly chasing dollar signs -- all he can see
Every day, a new outrage, all too blatantly.
Channel surf, hear his enablers' pleas:
Trump Doral is tops, say the bedbugs and fleas.
If his is the "best brain," we're in for rough seas
Oh what a letter, "don't be a fool" -- the ironies!
Now we must act to resist this disease.
Stand up and fight while our planet still lives,
Protect our freedoms, he takes more than he gives.
Rise up and challenge the swamp that he keeps!
Every moment, he robs the country as it sleeps.
As evil eats away at the nation we once knew
Democracy, decency, the future: it all depends on you.
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