Body and soul

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Meanings of "Body and soul"


Potpuno, svesrdno. Od sveg srca. Dušom i telom.

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"Body and soul" i sångtexter


Is your talent the best yet strongest? You know what?
Let yourself lit on fire, all through your body and soul!

Shreya Ghoshal - If I get you

I'll settle you in my body and soul
I'll settle you in my body and soul
I'll will make your scent the scent of my body


I’m your toy, I’ll make you innocent (I’m your toy)
Trust your own self-control
Move by your body and soul

Sami Yusuf - Nasimi

Pay due regard to form, acknowledge content in the form, because
Body and soul I am, but soul and body cannot compass me

National Anthems & Patriotic Songs - Independence March

And tears of blood shall, o Lord, spill out from my every wound,
And my lifeless body shall burst forth from the earth like an eternal spirit,
Perhaps only then, shall I peacefully ascend and at long last reach the heavens.1

  • 1. The image being painted here is that of a battle-fallen and pain-stricken patriot, who becomes ecstatic following the victorious end of the War of Independence. Despite not having a headstone at their final resting place, this is a person whose mind, body and soul have at long last found peace, and may thus finally ascend and reach the heavens, knowing that their homeland is safe and sound once and for all, and that all their suffering was worth it in the end.

Jencarlos Canela - My heart insists on it

I love you during both joyful and sorrowful times
I love you like you have no idea
I love you with my body and soul
I love you in a way people don't love nowadays

Joan Sebastian - I like you

also being able to touch your body

of body and soul, how i like you, i like you

Shankar Mahadevan - Oh my, your charm!

All the desires that are there in the heart
Awaken them all and dance
In Your body and soul, burn a fire and dance

Sexion d'Assaut - Before she leaves

Squeeze you really tight, tell you I love you one last time
Rest in peace
For us you gave body and soul
If I don't have enough ink, I'll keep on writing with my tears

Damir Kedžo (KEDZO) - Wild Wind

And the rain so it would leave the trail of
Sadness inside the autumn colors
And it seemed like we are taken away forever, body and soul
I'm left with the sadness in the autumn colors

Marc Anthony - A Love Forever

You are the woman I have been waiting for so long
The one who shares her laughter and cries
the one who gives herself body and soul
the one who can give a love forever

Nazia Hassan - Someone Like You

a body is for another body
everybody wants a partner
for the body and soul

Smiley - Waltz

And the whole world is just a dance floor, dance dance

Body and soul as one
A pair in all its meaning

Raulín Rodriguez - Tonight

Tonight, it will be unforgettable.
I will give myself to you, body and soul
I will make love to you in a thousand ways

Deca Nebeska - We are children of heaven

All we are and all we have
Comes from the love He gave
Our body and soul, Our humble heart
To love Him with all our mind, our being’s every part

Jenni Rivera - So now

So now I'm nothing to you
After I've given myself to you in body and soul
You dump me and you leave, you don't care about me anymore

Cyrine Abdel Nour - Whatever

Put your cards on the table1, See whatever you want to see
Threaten to forget me, do me a favor
Your love has planted wounds in me, wrecked my body and soul
If you have someone else, do me a favor and go to them

  • 1. Here it's an Arabic idiom. Many Arabic letters need dots over or under them to be correct. So she literally says "put letters on the words", as in, make everything known/clear.. Translated it into a similar English idiom.

Il Volo - More than love

We are body and soul
A pair of water drops

BAND-MAID - secret MAIKO lips

My body and soul are averse to this world
And all these useless conversations
I don't understand why all inside my head is spinning around
I see I see – It repeating over and over


I’m your toy neol sunsuhage hal
Mideobwa ne anui Self-control
Umjigyeo bwa ikkeullin Body and soul